Ceasing Operations

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For the past ten years, Babywearing International has grown alongside the babywearing community. We are grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years. Babywearing has become more mainstream with many “big box” stores selling carriers resulting in more … Continued

Statement in Support of New East Asian Baby Carrier Naming Conventions

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Babywearing International supports the movement to stop the erasure of East Asian traditional carriers and to use the recommended naming conventions, including not abbreviated or appropriating the names of podaegis, onbuhimos, and meh/bei dais. We believe that whitewashing the origins … Continued

A Statement on Rebozos

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Babywearing International has been eagerly following recent conversations in the babywearing community around the world regarding the use of the term “rebozo” in babywearing education. A rebozo is “A fringed shawl that is a traditional female garment in Mesoamerican* culture, used … Continued